MĀSK Skin Care Review

Jan 5, 2020 4:28:14 PM / by Kiran Cryer


Easy to apply, cooling and soft on your skin, and actually stays put on the face (unlike so many other face masks I’ve tried), the Luminous Hydrating and Brightening MASK is my new favorite CBD beauty product!


A little background about me. I’m 21, so luckily I’m past the acne stage but not quite at the "aging stage."

When my MĀSK’s products arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by how adorable the packaging was. It felt like I was receiving a gift! And this will absolutely be a go-to gift for my friend and family members. 

I ordered the Spotless CBD Face Mask, the Luminous Hydrating and Brightening CBD Mask, and the Ageless Anti-Aging Hemp Mask

First, I tried the Luminous Hydrating. The mask was super easy to apply and easily stayed put on my face. I cannot overstate how important this is. I've used tons of different face masks over the years, and this is one of the few I’ve tried that was not falling off my face the whole time. That was a big win for me!

I could almost immediately feel the cooling effect of the mask, and it felt very soft on my skin which, even though it may sound obvious, matters a lot because I have tried masks that are very uncomfortable. 

The Luminous Hydrating and Brightening CBD Mask had twenty milligrams of CBD in it. After waiting about twenty minutes, I removed the mask and the results were amazing and immediately noticeable (as you can tell by my facial expressions at the end of the video)! My skin felt really smooth and really well moisturized for days to come. Would I use this mask again? Definitely, and you should too!


What's the Story Behind MĀSK?

MĀSK’s founder, Sarah Mirsini, struggled with acne in her early teens. On the holistic path to reclaim her health, she changed her diet, tried countless skincare brands, and discovered CBD oil. The more Sarah focused on living her most vibrant live, the more she realized that self-acceptance was at the heart of her health—inside and out.

MĀSK was founded to nourish the skin, soothe the spirit, and help support you along the journey to self-acceptance through the practice of self-care. Using only hand-picked, plant-derived ingredients and full-spectrum CBD oil, MĀSK products were developed to comfort, nurture, and encourage the look of healthy skin—in its most pure, authentic state. Unearth the truth at your core, embrace yourself as you are in the moment, and celebrate the essence of your being when artifice is stripped away.

Kiran Cryer

Written by Kiran Cryer

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